Corporate Governance

All INSEE Cement employees are required to adhere to a framework known as the ‘Code of Business Conduct’. To offer them guidance when confronted by challenging business situations, it is inclusive of the INSEE Group policies, relevant laws and regulations. Hereby, the adherence to this framework is consistent across the Group, grooming all employees to work with integrity.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Directive

An anti-bribery and corruption criterion is derived from the ‘Code of Business Conduct’. The Anti-Bribery and Corruption Directive includes provisions on the protection of employees and identification of potential red flags when collaborating with stakeholders. INSEE Cement also maintains a top down approach to promote Zero Tolerance policy via mandatory training and awareness on corruption.

Speak up Line

The speak up line is a dedicated whistleblowing system accessible to all employees from any operations within the company, dedicated for the purpose of reporting any violation of the Code or the law or any non-Compliant Conduct any employee can have access to the speak up line anytime during the day via a local contact number, web and email.

The report generated on violation, will then be vetted by the INSEE compliance team and dealt in a professional manner. Reports and related information will be handled confidentially and shall be shared with relevant persons only, for safeguarding the privacy and interest of the company and the persons.