• Decrease accident rate is very significant in delivering commodities. Our success rate in delivery service according to the Control and Delivery Unit was 89% in 2013 an increase
    from 84% in 2012.
  • Our success rate in controlling the speed limit at 70 km/hour was 97% in 2013.
  • Behavior-Based Safety: BBS is a project to adjust unsafe behaviors of delivery staff to
    a safety one through the following 4 supporting behaviors:
  1. Using chock wheels while parking
  2. Fastening seat belts at all times while driving
  3. Driving within the speed limit
  4. Resting hours according to the laws
The safety team has received cooperation and support from all Transporters under the project.
Delivery Management
  • GPS is used in all delivery vehicles and monitored by the War Room at the headquarters in Bangkok. Delivery data and transporting routes are being tracked.
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) is being utilized by all 40 INSEE Transporters via website. Siam City Cement has set up the system to benefit users in tracking vehicle locations, routes and maintenance. It also enhances the capabilities in the delivery business by reducing human errors and unnecessary tasks; thus improving the efficiency of delivery process both outgoing and backhauling.
This modern technology enables Real Time communications with customers quickly and accurately. It also controls the speed of the truck and driving behavior to analyze safety and energy saving. All these contribute to the continuous effective delivery service.