It also focuses on the responsibility to the society in terms of safety and environmental preservation. Campaigns and activities to support this objective are being implemented continuously as follows:
  • Transporter Development Program aims at personnel development and know-how to continuously improve the potentials of every individual from business owners, executives, operating and driver to reach the required capability with the target of being a superior
    service provider.
  • ISO 9001, TIS 18001 INSEE Transporter Relationship Program aims at exchanging knowledge, experience, and data in transporting service for on-going collaboration and development. This also concurs with the requirements and policy of Siam City Cement.
  • Support and strengthen the “Q” standard of the Department of Land Transport to be widely accepted as well as raise the bar for all Thai transporters.
  • INSEE Logistics Green Heart Club was formed by INSEE Logistics and all INSEE Transporters on March 15, 2011 under the theme “Growing Green Together”. The club encourages activities for the environment by adjusting the staffs and their family behaviors towards protecting the environment and becoming role models for the entity, community and society.
SD Road Show activities have been implemented to have endless encouragement and support in protecting and preserving the environment, energy saving and waste management for the executives and staffs of the affiliations of Siam City Cement transporters.