Waste water discharge
To serve residue of concrete from mixer concrete truck
To reduce and protect dust to spread out from concrete production in plant
Wash wheel wells
To clean up a wheel of mixer concrete truck before going out plant for maintain a clean society.
Driver rest room
To be rest room for mixer concrete truck driver while waiting transport concrete
To be stock of cement and fly ash as raw material in the manufacture of concrete in our plant
Mixer concrete truck
To transport concrete from Mixer room to customer construction site
A large mixer concrete truck can contain concrete around 6 mณ
A small mixer concrete truck can contain concrete around 2 mณ
Mixer room
To transport raw material from stock of raw material into Mixer room for concrete production by order of controlling room. After that load concrete into mixer concrete truck and transport to customer.
Controlling room
To command and control production of concrete. In control room including
SAP is a global program that use to support database for concrete production system
Command batch is a machine for control ingredient and show process in Mixer room
Stock of raw material
To be storehouse of raw materials such as sand and rock before concrete production in Mixer room