Ready Mixed
Concrete Quality
Control (RMX QC)
Due to high competitiveness of ready mixed concrete businesses, performance and initial cost of concrete must be balanced. Quality Improvement program is initiated for all Siam City Concrete (SCCO) plants to follow up the performance of each ready mixed concrete plant. We also provide all necessary technical services at jobsite such as temperature cont- inuously measurement by automatic device (datalogger), tailored made concrete provid- ing and destructive/non-destructive tests for concrete structure.
Quality Improvement Program (QIP):
This program is to maintain the performance of SCCO plants to be acceptably high standard and meet the customers’ satisfaction and requirements by testing and analyzing the raw materials and concrete samples.
Tailored-made Concrete:
New mix proportions of concrete will be specially designed by Customer Technical Services engineers to satisfy the customers’ requirements and as well as being the most suitable for different working situations.
Destructive and Non-Destructive Tests of Concrete:
When the customers face with quality defects of concrete, CTS team provides strength testing of concrete of both destructive and non-destructive, whichever is necessary and possible. The tests are to ensure the customers’ confidence and satisfaction on INSEE concrete.