INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited


Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri
Former Chairman
Central Environmental Authority

“The Central Environmental Authority maintains a very strong relationship with INSEE Ecocycle. Through the environmentally responsible services offered by them, organisations which generate hazardous waste are offered some respite as they can be confident that their hazardous waste is being treated well and disposed properly without leaving an additional burden to the environment”

Dr. Champika Amarasinghe
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

“Apart from protecting their own workforce, INSEE Ecocycle contributes to protect a larger number of the national working force by disposing of hazardous waste without making an impact to their health and safety as well as the environment.”

Ricky Barnett
General Manager
Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

“We have been the recipient of some excellent customer service and professional guidance/advice on disposing the SOBM, meeting all local regulations and environmental guidelines from the INSEE Ecocycle team.”

Sharika Senanayake
Group Director – Sustainability
MAS Holding

“INSEE Ecocycle has provided waste management solutions for hazardous waste, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and meet our own goals to be zero-toxic by 2020. Above all, this partnership has enabled us to identify risks together and innovate and co-create long-term solutions to make them practical, efficient and transferrable to all who wish to practice responsible waste management and innovate with sustainability in mi

M K D Lawrance 
Executive Director - Zones 
Board of Investment of Sri Lanka 
Octomber 2023 

“As the Board of Investment, we recognize the critical importance of responsible waste management in achieving a greener and more resilient future. I applaud INSEE Ecocycle's pioneering efforts in providing an innovative and sustainable solution for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by industries in all the BOI Zones.

The journey towards sustainability requires vision, commitment, and innovation. In our experience, INSEE Ecocycle has demonstrated all these qualities.

The collaboration between our organization and INSEE Ecocycle stands as a shining example of how industry partnerships can drive positive environmental change while promoting economic growth.   It exemplifies how private sector innovation can complement public sector goals, ultimately creating a harmonious balance between industry progress and environmental preservation.

We are proud to endorse and celebrate the collaborative efforts of the Board of Investment and INSEE Ecocycle.” 

Edga Melan
General Manager , Engineering
Teejay Lanka PLC
Octomber 2023

"Teejay Lanka PLC, one of the largest textile manufacturers and a role model for circularity in the industry, has embraced model of 5R concepts which are refuse, reduce, reuse, Repurpose and recycle the solid waste, aiming to move towards 100% value addition to waste. The company adopts a cradle to grave approach in waste management, taking responsibility for sustainable waste disposal.

Teejay has adopted a comprehensive waste management approach that encompasses waste segregation, extended disposal network and supplier responsibility. Recognizing the need for immediate action, Teejay implemented a solid waste management policy that outlines stringent guidelines for waste disposal. Waste contractors play an integral role in Teejay waste management. Through the waste collector’s forum, Teejay promotes knowledge sharing, appreciation, inclusivity, and a platform to share the best practices.

Teejay introduced a sustainable waste disposal method where the company converts it daily output of wet sludge into dry powder which is then sent to INSEE Ecocycle for thermal destruction. This has resulted in 81% reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Teejay Lanka PLC & INSEE Ecocycle Pvt Ltd have been collaboratively working together for the past few years in sustainable waste management, especially the solution provider for hazardous waste.

Cross-industry collaboration, along with intra-industry collaboration, is important to collectively move towards a more sustainable future. This collaboration will facilitate the implementation of sustainable practices across Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and foster groundbreaking projects that revolutionize the country’s sustainability landscape. At Teejay, we are committed to meeting our circularity goals by leveraging innovation and cross-industry collaboration."

Dhanushke Ramanayake
Head of Procurement
Hemas Manufacuring (Pvt) Ltd
Octomber 2023

"At Hemas, we are passionate about environmental stewardship and responsible waste management.Our collaboration with INSEE Ecocycle has propelled our sustainability journey to new heights. Finding new approaches to address waste management concerns while minimising our environmental impact is not just a responsibility, but also a requirement in today's world. Our partnership with INSEE Ecocycle has proven to be a critical step towards attaining this goal.

Their experience in co-processing, combined with their commitment to sustainability, fits perfectly with our values and goals. Their skilled staff displayed a thorough awareness of our unique requirements and challenges, ensuring that co-processing was seamlessly integrated into our processes. The commitment of INSEE Ecocycle to compliance and safety standards has given us the confidence to manage difficult waste rules.”