INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited

INSEE Ecocycle and Fonterra Brands Lanka partner to promote sustainable waste practices in Sri Lanka’s dairy sector



Sri Lanka’s pioneer in sustainable waste management INSEE Ecocycle is proud to announce a partnership with Fonterra Brands Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the country’s largest consumer dairy products company, towards promoting sustainable waste management practices and environmental stewardship.

It’s a partnership that aligns with Sri Lanka's national agenda on promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation. INSEE Ecocycle will assume the role of a “producer responsible organization” and manage the post-consumer packaging waste on behalf of Fonterra Brands (Pvt) Ltd.  In collaboration with local governments and other government entities across the country, INSEE Ecocycle will ensure the efficient collection and proper disposal of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastic and polythene related to dairy products found in municipal solid waste channels.

“Municipal solid waste is clearly a national concern, and we believe corporate entities have an important role to play in paving the path to a cleaner and healthier Sri Lanka,” says Sujith Gunawardhana, General Manager, INSEE Ecocycle Sri Lanka. “Our collaboration with Fonterra Brands marks a fresh venture into the dairy sector. We see a real opportunity here to implement innovative waste management solutions that align with our mutual environmental goals.”

In addition to waste management services, with the support of Fonterra, INSEE Ecocycle will conduct awareness raising among the local council workers about the proper segregation and disposal of plastic and polythene.

Embracing the circular economy model, INSEE Ecocycle goes beyond waste disposal and management solutions through its dedication to transforming waste into valuable resources. The specialty of INSEE Ecocycle’s approach lies in its unique co-processing method, carried out within the cement kilns.

By complementing the cement manufacturing process in partnership with its parent company, INSEE Cement, waste is destructed and decomposed fully without harmful emissions. In stark contrast to conventional landfill or incineration methods, co-processing ensures waste is disposed of while recovering the potential resources, minimizing environmental impact.