INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited

INSEE Ecocycle: Realizing a Circular Economy through Innovative Waste Management


As Sri Lanka marks World Environment Day, INSEE Ecocycle takes center stage as the pioneering force in waste management, driven by the principles of the circular economy. With a profound commitment to sustainability and respect for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, INSEE Ecocycle has emerged as a game-changer in waste disposal, waste recovery, and overall waste management solutions.

Embracing the circular economy model, INSEE Ecocycle goes beyond waste disposal and management solutions through its dedication to transforming waste into valuable resources. As the waste management arm of INSEE Cement, the company’s journey began in 2003 when it began using biomass and industrial waste as alternative fuels and raw materials for the cement manufacturing process. Since then, INSEE Ecocycle has expanded its scope, venturing into hazardous waste management, sorted non-biodegradable municipal solid waste processing, and molecular recycling through its pyrolysis plant.

"At INSEE Ecocycle, we are driven by the belief that waste should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a burden," says Sujith Gunawardhana, General Manager, INSEE Ecocycle. "Our goal is to revolutionize waste management and create a sustainable future where waste becomes a valuable resource that can be used to create the things we need to build a better life!"

Both historically and at present, INSEE Ecocycle plays a pivotal role in developing environmentally friendly avenues for managing hazardous waste in Sri Lanka. In collaboration with the government, regulatory authorities, and industries, the company facilitates the safe and eco-friendly management of countless tons of hazardous waste annually, continually setting new standards for responsible waste disposal practices in Sri Lanka.

Underscoring INSEE Ecocycle’s commitment to innovation, the company has invested in a state-of-the-art modern laboratory, providing analytical services to various industries in relation to waste management. This cutting-edge facility enables comprehensive waste analysis, including solid, liquid, wastewater, fuel, and fertilizer analysis. Through the provision of these services, INSEE Ecocycle has solidified its position as a comprehensive, one-stop shop for total waste management solutions and a drive towards more circular solutions.

The specialty of INSEE Ecocycle’s approach lies in its unique co-processing method, carried out within the cement kilns. By complementing the cement manufacturing process in partnership with its parent company, INSEE Cement, waste is destroyed and decomposed fully without harmful emissions. In stark contrast to conventional landfill or incineration methods, co-processing ensures waste is converted into valuable resources, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the company’s commitment to transparency and accountability is demonstrated through continuous monitoring of emissions and regular reporting to regulators.

Driven by its ESG ambitions for 2030, INSEE Ecocycle focuses on three key pillars: climate and energy, the circular economy, and biodiversity and water. Concentrating on these pillars, the company strives to reduce CO2 emissions, decrease energy consumption from fossil fuels, enhance waste utilization, and promote water conservation, while also making a net positive impact on biodiversity. These initiatives, coupled with a "zero-harm" ambition and robust community engagement, solidify INSEE Ecocycle’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

Further highlighting the company’s commitment to transforming waste disposal in Sri Lanka, INSEE Ecocycle presently collaborates with over 100 municipal councils and local authorities islandwide, supporting the responsible collection and disposal of sorted non-biodegradable municipal solid waste (MSW). The company plays a pivotal role in providing technical expertise, infrastructure, and final disposal facilities to efficiently manage waste. Recognizing that municipal solid waste (MSW) is a national concern, INSEE Ecocycle actively collaborates with government authorities at all levels to find sustainable solutions.

INSEE Ecocycle also partners with organizations that generate waste to help them take ownership and responsibility for managing their waste in an environmentally friendly and professional manner. Through its industrial services arm, INSEE Ecocycle offers a range of services, including waste mapping, waste reduction guidance, technical solutions, chemical cleaning, tank cleaning, emergency responses, and professional logistics services. By sharing its wealth of experience and knowledge, INSEE Ecocycle empowers its clients to embrace sustainable waste management practices and minimize their environmental footprints.

"Our vision goes beyond waste management as we aim to build a greener, more sustainable future for our country," explained Mr. Gunawardhana. "Through our unmatched expertise, extensive geographical presence, and participation in nationally important projects, we are driving change and reducing the burden of MSW and other hazardous waste."

Emphasizing the significance of individual actions in waste management, Mr. Gunawardhana added, "Every small effort counts in reducing waste and managing it properly. Simple practices like reusing bags and avoiding the mixing of different types of waste can help #BeatPlasticPollution and have a significant impact on the effectiveness of waste treatment and disposal measures. Awareness is crucial, and that’s why we always try to share knowledge and inspire people at every level to do and be better, even when it isn’t in our economic interests, in order to drive a sustainable waste management culture in Sri Lanka."

With World Environment Day being marked worldwide on June 5, 2023, INSEE Ecocycle stands at the forefront of the battle against environmental pollution in Sri Lanka, blazing the trail with its innovative waste management solutions, driven by circular economy principles. By redefining waste as a valuable resource and fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders, INSEE Ecocycle is working to realize a greener future for all Sri Lankans.