INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited

INSEE Ecocycle Participates in Raising Awareness of Waste Segregation for Ban Nong Phak Bung School and Nong Muang Wittaya School


INSEE Ecocycle recently conducted a presentation and workshop on waste segregation, targeting 70 students from Ban Nong Phak Bung School on 25 January 2024 and 160 students from Nong Muang Wittaya School on January 27, 2024 held at Nong Phak Bung School and Ming Mongkol Park, respectively. These events were part of the Think Waste Wise project, designed to foster waste segregation awareness among communities and schools.

The workshops aimed to familiarize students with proper waste segregation practices from an early age. Participants gained insights into different types of waste and their respective disposal methods. Additionally, they were introduced to Refused Derive Fuel (RDF) as an eco-friendly alternative to coal in cement kilns.

Feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the effectiveness of the initiative. INSEE Ecocycle hopes that by actively engaging students in waste segregation education, they will integrate these practices into their daily lives, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.