INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited

INSEE Ecocycle Shares Insights at Fullerton Outlook 2024 Panel Discussion


Ms. Suchintana Viraratt, Chief Executive Officer of INSEE Ecocycle, participated in the Fullerton Outlook 2024 on 18 January 2024 at Pan Pacific Singapore (Marina Bay) as a panelist under the topic "Accelerating Asia's Decarbonisation Journey through Private Equity," together with distinguished speakers including Mr. Tan Huck Khim, Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Head of Alternatives at Fullerton Fund Management, Professor Tae Yong Jung, Director of the Ban Ki Moon Foundation, Yonsei University and Mr. Mervin Teo, Director, Alternatives Fullerton Fund Management.

During the session, Ms. Suchintana discussed INSEE Ecocycle's approach to seizing business opportunities on climate change. She emphasized the growing awareness among customers regarding environmental issues and their commitment to achieving sustainability goals. Additionally, she addressed investor concerns regarding varying maturity levels and regulatory frameworks across different regions as well as the limited availability of sustainable investment products.

This year's theme of Fullerton Outlook 2024 "@Crossroads of Opportunities" captures how some of the key transformative forces at play - namely the fluid geopolitical scene, Climate Action, and AI are shaping the investment narrative, as well as how investors can navigate various asset classes and the current environment for investment opportunities.