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Who is INSEE Ecocycle? Get to know us and what we do

Who is INSEE Ecocycle? Get to know us and what we do


Just who is INSEE Ecocycle? For starters, we’d like you to think of us as your partner in sustainability. We’re here to help companies across various industries in Thailand, Southeast Asia and South Asia improve their environmental footprint through better waste and materials management. In addition to this, we’re focused on supporting net zero targets while building toward a circular economy and have a clear set of actionable targets that went into effect this year.

What makes us unique is our extensive experience and deep understanding of how to manage waste along The Waste Hierarchy. Our knowledge of the chemistry and characteristics of waste streams, including industrial waste, gives us the ability to provide customized solutions that guarantee proper waste analysis, handling, transportation and destruction.   

Additionally, we have partnered with many stakeholders to adopt the extended producer responsibility (EPR) principle that focuses on plastic pollution prevention and helps partners achieve their plastic neutrality targets.

But this is only one aspect of who we are and what we do at INSEE Ecocycle. Here is a little more about us.

"Just who is INSEE Ecocycle? For starters, we’d like you to think of us as your partner in sustainability. We’re here to help customers and partners improve their environmental footprint through better waste and materials management"

Our Services

INSEE Ecocycle provides services in three key areas: waste management; industrial and environmental and sustainability solutions. Let’s explore what each one entails.

Waste Management Services

Our waste management services assist customers and partners in their efforts to reach sustainability goals. We manage waste in compliance with all regulations related to the generation, storing, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous and liquid materials.

INSEE Ecocycle boasts a complete range of skilled personnel and laboratory equipment that allows us to analyze the physical and chemical properties of waste materials to ensure disposal is compliant with all safety and environmental standards. Our laboratory was registered with DIW and accredited with ISO/IEC17025. Facilities specialized in waste, process and environmental analytics.

Our expert technical assistance and comprehensive support means waste streams are managed according to the needs of your industry.  We have experience handling many waste types from various sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemical & chemical, automotive, electronic & electric (E&E) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

INSEE Ecocycle waste management services strive to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill. This is supported by our ability to obtain Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that can be co-processed and used to power cement kilns.  Click here to learn more about Waste Management Services 

Industrial Services

Every second counts when it comes to industrial services. Our solutions in this field reduce production downtime and help customers comply with strict environmental and safety requirements. INSEE Ecocycle provides specialized chemical and mechanical cleaning solutions, such as ultra-high-pressure water jetting, decontamination, tank cleaning, pipeline commissioning, catalyst handling and other related services.

What’s more, we make sure that waste generated from the cleaning process is handled in a sustainable manner while being in full compliance with all regulatory requirements. Click here to learn more about Industrial Services

Environmental and Sustainability Solutions

Being at the forefront of waste management has allowed us to launch several environmental and sustainability solutions in conjunction with leading partners and experts. These innovations are helping prevent plastic pollution while contributing to our Zero Waste to Landfill goal.

In Thailand, INSEE Ecocycle teamed up with PTT Innovation Institute to launch an automatic food waste composter that uses natural microorganisms to compost food waste into bio-soil. Not only does this reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in the country’s landfill, but it prevents the contamination of other waste sources that can be recycled or used as RDF. Click here to learn more about solutions

Where you’ll find us

INSEE Ecocycle is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group in Thailand. We also have a subsidiary in Sri Lanka and business units in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Championing sustainability and protecting our environment

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. One of our most significant initiatives is the MSW-RDF Project (Refuse Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Waste) program which sees us mine resources which is combustible waste from dumpsites and use it as alternative fuel in cement kilns. This helps stem the leakage of post-consumer plastics into oceans.

We also established RDF waste drop-off points where single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials, such as shopping bags, food containers, sachets and packing waste, are collected. This helps us prevent another source of plastic waste leakage from potentially entering the ocean.

Recently, INSEE Ecocycle Thailand was  certified as an Eco Factory For Waste Processor by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). This certification is presented to waste processors that are committed to environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship by focusing on development and continuous improvement of the production processes and environmental management; operating according to international standards; full compliance, , promoting the circular economy; and supporting the community in line with  sustainability development goals. Recognition for our work

INSEE Ecocycle has collected multiple honors from leading organizations over the years that recognize our efforts in protecting the environment, closing the loop in the circular economy, conducting business responsibly and giving back to local communities.

In 2022, our food waste composting project with PTT Innovation Institute won an International Gold Green Apple Environment Award. Organized by The Green Organization, U.K., The Green Apple Environment Awards recognize and reward organizations from around the world that demonstrate environmental best practices.

Elsewhere, INSEE Ecocycle’s MSW-RDF Project was one of three finalists for the American Chamber of Commerce’s Thai Development Award which celebrates those companies fostering sustainable development in alignment with the principles of the Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model (BCG).

Partner with us

Our work at INSEE Ecocycle continues as we search for new ways to support the journey to net zero targets, build towards a circular economy and stop plastic waste from entering the ocean. If you’re an organization searching for sustainable solutions to waste management, requiring compliant industrial solutions or needing to look after extended producer responsibility, please get in touch to find out how we can become partners in sustainability.