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Food Waste Composter

Food Waste Composter



INSEE Ecocycle aims to be the leader of environmental and sustainability company, we focus on developing environmental products to help our customers manage their waste properly and sustainably.

To serve our clients who are faced with any environmental problem or bad odor from food waste, INSEE Ecocycle has joined local partner to develop and build “Food Waste Composter” which uses micro-organism to turn food waste / organic waste into nutrient rich (soil enhancement) at site, it can reduce bad odor and be used for plant food.


  • Circular Economy
    Able to use “bio-soil” from the decomposition of food waste as plant food
  • Zero waste to Landfill
    Able to self-manage food waste at source and reduce waste to landfills
  • CO2 Reduction
    Able to reduce methane one of the greenhouse gas emissions which causes of global warming and can it into environmental credit
  • Sustainable Goal
    Food waste management are met very Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • More Recyclable Material
    Able to reduce contamination in packaging, it can make more packaging that can be reused and recycled

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