INSEE Logistics..
“We deliver as I wish” 
is our slogan focusing that all units collaborate and meet our customers’ needs and satisfaction. “INSEE Delivery” is one of our projects to meet and facilitate our customers’ requirements enabling them to be competitive.
What is
 “INSEE Delivery”? 
“INSEE Delivery” is a project targeted at prompt and reliable delivery in terms of time and location. It also emphasizes on complete and accurate product delivery while being safe and environmental conscious. Thus, the Management of Bag Cement Distribution is being viewed overall from the customers’ needs to shape up internal strategies to attain the utmost goals and objectives under "INSEE Delivery". Our team will constantly check with our customers to fully understand their needs and meet their true requirements.
Customer Benefits from
 “INSEE Delivery” 
  • On time delivery and right location
  • Clean & complete product delivery and well placed
  • Quality Assurance of products and services
  • Safety and insured delivery
  • Competitive advantages on cost and time
“INSEE Delivery” is just one of the projects to show that we are committed to meet our customers’ requirements which have well been recognized by our customers. However, we will continue to set up new campaigns to meet our customers’ needs to comply with our slogan "INSEE Logistics..We deliver as I wish"