INSEE Customer Technical Consultancy
The INSEE Customer Technical Consultancy (CTC) Team has as mission to promote and guide the optimal use of INSEE Solutions at a wide range of construction sites, from individual houses and small precast yards, up to the largest infrastructure projects and high rise buildings.
INSEE CTC team offers an in-depth experience in cement, aggregates, admixtures, concrete and dry mortar applications in a wide range of constructions in Thailand and abroad. For advanced testing of construction materials, INSEE CTC team works together with the INSEE Technical Solution Center (ITSC) in Pathum Thani, as well as the leading universities in Thailand.

The INSEE CTC team fulfills 3 key roles for the Thai construction industry:
Promote the optimal use of INSEE Solutions
  • Technical details of INSEE Solutions and how it benefits the construction
  • Instructions how to use cement and cement-based constructions
  • Promote higher quality construction solutions with a reduced carbon footprint

Partner with INSEE customers to improve efficiency
  • Optimize concrete mix designs, with Quality Improvement Programs QIP
  • Advanced concrete solutions for special applications, eg durability, mass
  • Audit of Quality management system and production equipment

Handle quality issues at construction site and customer plant
  • Support INSEE customers to define root cause of quality issues
  • Improve processes and mis designs to reduce risk of quality issues