Offers extra slipperiness of plastering mortar.
INSEE Super …The New formula (40 kg.) concentrated mixed cement that ensures more solid and workable.
The new INSEE Super tested and evaluated by professional contractors that appears in the same quality as the general 50 kg. mixed cement with more efficient work. INSEE Super Concentrated Mixed Cement.
Home building by INSEE Super
Cement Qualification
INSEE Super is high quality concentrated mixedcement which produced to conform to the Thai Industrial Standard of mixed cement:
TIS 80-2550. INSEE Super is suitable for general bricklaying and plastering work such as small concrete pile, concrete fence, concrete pavement, concrete tile, drain, pipes and etc.
  • Use clean water, sand and stones for mixture
  • Suitable for bricklaying and plastering concrete wall. For concrete wall, apply a dash, slush or slurry coat to the concrete wall before plastering
  • Masonry/concrete surface to be clean and pre-wet the wall before plastering to help
  • After applied plaster, protect your walls from the sun and wind to avoid cracking and peeling
  • Store materials properly in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • SHELF LIFE: two months from date of manufacture. Once open the cement bag, must be used within 1-2 days
Cement Mixing Instructions
To make concrete, there are four basics materials you need; INSEE Super, sand, aggregate (stones) and water. Use the following mix proportions for each typeof structures;
General Structure
INSEE Super : 1
Sand : 2
Rock : 4
Water : 1
Bricklaying works
INSEE Super : 1
Sand : 3
Rock : -
Water : 1
Internal plastering works
INSEE Super : 1
Sand : 2.5
Rock : -
Water : 1
External plastering works
INSEE Super : 1
Sand : 3
Rock : -
Water : 1
  • Bag Cement 40 kg.
Technical Specification
Physical Qualifications 1. Blaine Air Permeability
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Super
(sq.m./kg.) > 320 582
Physical Qualifications 2. Setting Time (Vicat Method)
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Super
Initial (minutes) > 45 89
Final (minutes) - 186
Physical Qualifications 4. Mortar Compressive Strength
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Super
1 day (MPa) - 7.8
3 days (MPa) > 6.9 14.3
7 days (MPa) > 11.8 17.2