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Total Service Solutions

Total Service Solutions

Total Service Solutions

INSEE Ecocycle provides integrated on-site waste management solutions covering the full spectrum of waste streams in your organization from waste generation to final resource recovery through recycling, upcycling, reusing and co-processing. This effectively closes the loopholes in your manufacturing process contributing to a circular economy by achieving your corporate sustainability objectives.

With all your waste management headaches managed by INSEE Ecocycle, you can have absolute peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on your core business, thus saving time and money which in turn, provides opportunities for efficiency and innovation within your operations.

From waste collection to on-site waste management, waste logistics and even the final treatment, INSEE Ecocycle offers total waste management solutions in Sri Lanka.

Customer Benefits


Peace of mind

Shifting the burden of waste management away from you that you may focus on core operational dynamics


One-stop-shop for all your needs

Streamlining waste management under a single supplier who provides the entire spectrum of services will save your business time and money which can be invested in opportunities for efficiency and innovation


Full spectrum of waste streams management

INSEE Ecocycle provides extensive support to your business as a holistic waste management partner, offering collection, recycling and recovery solutions for every type of waste


Sustainability & circular economy principles

Environmental friendly total waste management solutions

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Total Service Solutions

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