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Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste is waste that has a substantial or potential threat to public health or the environment. Hazardous wastes can take the form of solids, liquids, sludges, or contained gases, and they are generated primarily by chemical production, manufacturing, and other industrial activities. This makes the responsible management of hazardous waste critical. Hazardous waste management includes the collection, transportation, storing, pre-processing and disposal of waste material.

Why INSEE Ecocycle for Hazardous Waste Management?

As the premier waste management solutions provider in Sri Lanka, Ecocycle provides solutions for hazardous industrial waste primarily through the globally accepted waste management technology called ‘cement kiln co-processing’.

Co-processing is a unique industrial process offered for the proper management of industrial waste through thermal treatment. It is the combination of the two-fold process of clinker manufacturing and industrial waste treatment, both carried out in the same environment as a single combined operation without any adverse effects on each other.

Co-processing meets all regulatory technical standards and is globally adopted for the management of waste that is difficult to dispose of. It is also superior to landfilling and incineration, as it offers a complete solution with no residue.

Proven features of Co-processing

  • Flame temperatures 1800 – 2000 Celsius
  • Residence time 4 – 6 seconds
  • Total combustion of material under controlled conditions
  • No organic residues from the process
  • Continuous monitoring and controlling of emissions

Co-processing has been practiced with positive results by the USA, Japan and other EU countries for the past 30 years. It is also recognized by several international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the GIZ, Basel Convention, Stockholm Convention etc.

Locally, it has been approved and is encouraged by the Ministry of Environment, the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), and the Provincial Environmental Authority of the north-western province.

Ecocycle is also the only organization in Sri Lanka licensed by the Central Environmental Authority to securely manage hazardous waste through this method due to our unique capability with our cement manufacturing process.


How INSEE Ecocycle handles Hazardous Waste


Types of Hazardous Waste accepted by INSEE Ecocycle

Chemical Waste
Waste Oil
Paint and Ink Waste
Laboratory wash off

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