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Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), or INSEE, is committed to providing the foundation for Thailand’s future. SCCC has continuously supported the country’s development by offering innovative solutions in cement and cement-related and services. This has since been expanded to the Company’s network across South East Asia and South Asia.


The Company and its subsidiaries offer a leading range of products and services that have been carefully developed with customer needs in mind



INSEE currently offers three types of cement products: Mixed Cement, Masonry Cement and Hydraulic Cement


Mixed Cement

Specially formulated for plastering and bricklaying where smooth and finishing works are required


Masonry Cement

Specially designed for fine plastering works that need a smooth surface finish


Hydraulic Cement

A superior workability cement with a high compressive strength that is environmentally friendly


INSEE Mortar is a ready-to-use cement that can be applied instantly when mixed with clean water. INSEE Mortar is currently available in the following varieties:

  • Plastering mortar:

    For General Plastering, Fine Plastering, Lightweight Block Plastering, Concrete Plastering, Skim Coat, And Skim Plastering For 1-4 Mm., Fine Lightweight Block Plastering, Concrete Plastering And Skim Coat

  • Brick laying mortar :

    For Normal Brick Laying And Lightweight Block Brick Laying

  • Floor leveling mortar:

    For Floor Leveling, Easy Floor Screed, And Floor Hardener

  • Tile adhesive mortar:

    For General Tile Adhesive, Granito Tile Adhesive, Ceramic / Marble / Granite / Porcelain Tile Adhesive, Tile On Tile Adhesive, And Swimming Pool Tile Adhesive

  • Dry concrete:

    For Small Concrete Work, Parking Area, Lintel And Beam At Required Compressive Strength Cube Concrete

  • Non-shrink grout:

    For Precast Joint Non-Shrink Grout, General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout, And High Compressive Strength Non-Shrink Grout

  • Flexible cementitious waterproof coating:

    For Flex Shield (1K) And Flex Proof (2K)

  • Tile grout:

    For Preventing Black Mold

  • INSEE Bulk solution:

    For Wall Plastering, Brick-Laying And Floor Screeding, Consisting Of Bulk Plastering Mortar With Silo, Mixing Conveying System, And Plastering Machine


Siam City Concrete Company Limited (SCCO) is the leading ready mixed concrete and aggregates brand in Thailand and consists of two divisions–INSEE Concrete and INSEE Aggregates. SCCO boasts a plant network covering the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Upcountry and the Eastern Economic Corridor which is officially known as the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC).

SCCO is constantly striving to develop innovative products and services. This process includes selecting high-quality raw materials; researching and developing products to serve various specifications; providing on-time delivery; offering consulting services; and conducting product testing. SCCO has received the Carbon Footprint Reduction (CFR) and global warming reduction label which shows a demonstrated achievement in the reduction of the product’s Carbon Footprint as required by the TGO’s Carbon Labeling Program.

Every process at SCCO is supervised to ensure a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace. Standardized noise and dust control measures, water treatment and recycling processes as well as regularly maintained delivery trucks are a few of the health and safety measures to be implemented by SCCO.

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INSEE Superblock Company Limited operates the production and supply of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Class4 (G4), comprising blocks, panels and lintels.


INSEE Superblock produces building materials that combine light weight with high strength to provide customers with a number of advantages including:

  • Highest quality product according to TIS. Class 4

  • Thermal insulation

  • Precise dimensions

  • Excellent fire resistance

  • Convenient and easy installation



INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited offers sustainable solutions to a range of industries in various sectors. We believe in partnering with our customers and stakeholders to develop and deliver “peace-of-mind” waste management and industrial service solutions. Our mission is to earn respect and trust through safeguarding our customers’ reputations.


Since 2005, INSEE Ecocycle has focused on recovering energy and resources from waste materials and improving the environmental footprint of customers. INSEE Ecocycle has also expanded its industrial services capabilities to become a “one-stop” solutions provider to businesses across Thailand. The Company is a specialist in industrial, chemical and mechanical cleaning services with oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation among the verticals served both domestically and internationally.

The Company is AFR and waste pre-processing platform certified with ISO-9001:2015 ISO-14001:2015 and OHSAS-18001:2007 certifications.
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Siam City Power Company Limited engages in the electricity generation business and has received Board of Investment (BoI) promotional privileges for electricity generation from waste heat arising from cement production. The Company strives for business growth and works to provide innovative products and services that are sustainable. Siam City Power Company Limited was incorporated in 2011.



INSEE Digital Company Limited (INDG) was established in 2013 to offer complete digital technology and information technology services to SCCC and its Group Companies. It is the regional business partner for all SCCC business units, helping them apply digital and IT technology, including IT infrastructure, IT security and data analytics.

INDG also helps businesses within SCCC optimize costs through automation while ensuring operational compliance. Another goal is to create business differentiation and provide a competitive edge in the cement industry and construction materials business.



Siam City Cement Trading Company Limited trades and transports various cementitious materials and solid fuels for SCCC and third parties. It manages shipping-related activities spanning from the Middle East to North Asia regions. The Company aims to be a leading trading partner in the region for customers and suppliers while being committed to reliability and international compliance. Siam City Cement Trading Company Limited started its business in January 2018.



Siam City Cement (Bangladesh) Limited, or INSEE Bangladesh, has a grinding capacity of approximately 0.5 million tons per year. Its main product is Portland Composite Cement (PCC) which consists of approximately 95 percent of total sales annually. INSEE Bangladesh respects and complies with national laws and Company policies on the environment, health and safety and a commitment to zero harm to people and the environment while undertaking CSR activities in the community.


Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited, or INSEE Lanka, is the only fully integrated cement manufacturer in Sri Lanka. It produces Sri Lanka’s most preferred cement brands, including INSEE Sanstha Cement and Mahaweli Marine Plus Cement. Sanstha Cement is the Company’s flagship brand and was the first blended cement to launch in Sri Lanka. It was also the first ‘Green Cement Product’ to receive green labeling certification from the Green Building Council, Sri Lanka. In 2018, INSEE Lanka started producing customized concrete-based solutions (ready mixed concrete) at a manufacturing facility in Peliyagoda. This is an eco-friendly, zero-discharge plant equipped with a reclaimer that reuses aggregates and water. The company owns two subsidiaries, Mahaweli Marine Cement (Private) Limited and INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited.

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Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Limited, or INSEE Vietnam, is one of the country’s leading cement, drymix, fiber-cement (CONWOOD) and waste management companies (INSEE Ecocycle). Its goal is to produce high-quality construction materials that also rank as the most sustainable ones. Existing cement solutions meet LOTUS, LEED and GREEN MARK green building standards. INSEE Vietnam helped launch Green Label in the construction industry and its products were the first in the country to be part of the Lotus Green Database of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC). The company was awarded the International Singapore Green Label Product certification by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

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Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation (CMIC) is a joint venture between Chip Mong Group (CMG) Cambodia and Siam City Cement Group (SCCC) Thailand. The joint venture combines CMG's excellent local market expertise and distribution network with SCCC’s best-in-class cement manufacturing know-how. CMIC’s new 2MT capacity cement plant has made it the uncontested leader in the market and the Company boasts a growing portfolio of products and services. CMIC is also establishing itself as a pioneer and market leader when it comes to industrial waste management with the launch of its Ecocycle business in 2019. This complements the Company’s sustainable development culture which has been rooted in CMIC's DNA since its creation and illustrated by the fact 30 percent of power comes from renewable sources.

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