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Privacy Policy for Customer

Privacy Policy for Customer

Siam City Cement Public Company Limited and all of its group companies (collectively referred to as “SCCC Group Companies”) would like to inform you that SCCC Group Companies collect, process, and disclose your personal data provided to us when you apply for customer account, purchase products and/or obtain services through our distribution network and various channels e.g. INSEE CONNECT, Facebook, Line Official Account, Customer Service Center, website, application (collectively referred to as “Platform”) in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy for customer (the “Policy”).  Please carefully read the Policy to understand the details of your personal data processing and related rights.

Your Personal Data Collected by SCCC Group Companies

SCCC Group Companies collect your personal data as follows: (a.) personal information and personal interests e.g. name-surname, ID number, date of birth, photograph, sex, age, education background, biometric data and signature; (b.) contact details e.g. address, email, phone number, Line and Facebook; (c.) financial information e.g. bank account, number of credit/debit card and tax identification number; (d.) business information e.g. office address, occupational information, office phone number and type of business: (e.) personal information and personal interests of your connected and related persons e.g. spouse/partner, children, parents, relatives, employees, representatives and contact persons that you warrant that their consents have been legally provided to you for the objectives of this Policy; (f.) usage of the Platform e.g. user name/account, login record, IP address, URL, web page history, communication history; and (g.) identifiable location.

Source of Your Personal Data

SCCC Group Companies obtain your personal data from the following sources: (a.) you e.g. application of customer account, purchasing of products and/or obtaining services, survey, the Platform usage, email and other communication channels of SCCC Group Companies; and (b.) third parties e.g. your representative, your related or connected person.

Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

SCCC Group Companies collect, process and disclose your personal data for the following purposes: (a.) business transactions of SCCC Group Companies; (b.) facilitating the purchasing of products and/or obtaining services; (c.) providing services in connection with the Platform e.g. processing quotation, purchase order/delivery order, payment, issuing financial document, credit assessment, order cancellation, changing and returning of products; (e.) inspection, analysis, innovation, development, improvement, research and management of the Platform, product and service; (f.) performing activities regarding marketing, advertisement, customer relation management, promotion of product and service, claim management, communication e.g. notifying of any special promotion or event and general news; and (g.) SCCC Group Companies’ legal compliance and enforcement.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

SCCC Group Companies disclose your personal data to the following persons for the abovementioned purposes: (a.) companies in SCCC Group Companies; (b.) any third party e.g. suppliers/business partners, data processing service providers authorized by SCCC Group Companies, legal advisors, accountants; and (c.) any government, regulatory and judicial authority.

In case that your personal data are transferred to any of abovementioned persons locating in overseas, SCCC Group Companies will take necessary actions to ensure appropriate safeguards for transferring of your personal data pursuant to the current personal data protection law of Thailand.

Retention of Your Personal Data

SCCC Group Companies retain your personal data necessarily for the purposes of the Policy (including any of its future changes) or legal compliance (e.g. tax law) or until you withdraw your consent.  In addition, when your personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes of the Policy, SCCC Group Companies will erase, destroy or anonymize your personal data except for the purpose of our legal compliance and enforcement.

Your Rights

You have rights to access to, receive the copy of, transfer, correct, object, restrict the processing and request for erasure, destruction or anonymization of, your personal data as well as file a complaint to the competent authority under the personal data protection law of Thailand.  Additionally, you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time except that there is any restriction of consent withdrawal under the applicable law or contract, and the withdrawal of your consent will prohibit you from being entitled to receive any privileges and benefits related to products and services from SCCC Group Companies.

Changes to the Policy

SCCC Group Companies will review the Policy to be in accordance with our practices and applicable laws.  In case of any change to the Policy, SCCC Group Companies will inform you via email, the Platform or any other communication channel of SCCC Group Companies.

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