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Catalyst Handling

Catalyst Handling


Catalyst Handling

We offer safe, reliable and highly skilled catalyst services to ensure optimal outcomes for our customers. We have the expertise and equipment to deliver efficient catalyst handling in the petrochemical and processing industries.


Our services are including:

  • Catalyst Unloading (Inert/Non-Inert) – Vacuum or Dump
  • Catalyst Loading (Inert/Non-Inert) – Sock or Dense Loading
  • Catalyst vacuuming and screening
  • Unload/ Reload Ceramic Ball Catalyst
  • Dense Loading Services (Inert/Non- Inert) – Reformer Tubes or
  • Fixed Beds
  • Video Inspection Services
  • Reactor loading and unloading
  • Reactor cleaning and internal repairs
  • Loading and unloading of fixed bed reactors
  • Loading and unloading of tubular reactors
  • Working under nitrogen conditions
  • Vacuum unloading
  • Wet unloading and reloading
  • Sock loading
  • Dense loading
  • Pneumatic loading
  • Soft Flow low attrition loading and unloading
  • Reactor revamps
  • Mechanical work and maintenance
  • Catalyst transport
  • Dust-free packaging of catalyst

Execution under various circumstances

  • Normal atmospheric
  • Harmful and toxic environments
  • Inert situation

Catalyst Handling Methods:

How to get start?

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