Decontamination uses specially formulated surfactant chemistry to penetrate, extract, emulsify, and remove the hydrocarbon , toxic gas and compound from the equipment/system before handover to maintenance for equipment repairing, product changing or modification. Oxidizing chemistry is applied for pyrophoric and mercury vapor neutralization.


Features are

  • Removes hydrocarbon, H2S, pyrophoric and Hg from process equipment, making the vessels and columns available for safe man entry quicker
  • Provides Faster, Safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods
  • Reduces cleaning and turnaround times
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime on site


  • Refinery tower
  • Heat exchanger
  • Reactors and vessel
  • Quenching system
  • De-salter
  • Furnace
  • Product piping system
  • Storage tank

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