Tank Cleaning and equipment supply

Tank Cleaning and equipment supply


Tank cleaning and equipment supply

In refineries and petrochemical plants, crude oil, fuel oil, and hydrocarbon product storage tanks accumulate oil sludge at the bottom, causing corrosion, pyrophoric hazards, and reduced capacity. Prior to conducting inspections, calibration, maintenance activities, and specialized tank cleaning for highly flammable hydrocarbon are required.


Features are

  • Restores tank capacity and recovers valuable product e.g. oil recovery
  • Ensures safety and environmental achievement; reduces air, explosive, and toxic vapors emission
  • Provides oil-free surfaces and gas-free environment ready for entry, inspection and maintenance
  • Reduces cleaning time and labor costs


  • Crude oil tank
  • Fuel oil tank
  • Condensate tank
  • Slop tank
  • Naphtha tank
  • Product tank
  • Water tank

Tanks we can clean:


In addition, INSEE Ecocycle is an exclusive agent of HMT in Thailand, providing all storage-tank products and services.

  • Floating Roof Seals,
  • Internal Floating Roofs,
  • Aluminum Domes,
  • Roof Drain & Floating Suction / Skimmer Systems,
  • Emissions Reduction Devices,
  • Specialty Products,
  • Lightning Protection Systems,
  • API Separator Covers


“Ecocycle offers a Safe, Reliable, Efficient Solution for Tank Cleaning”

At INSEE Ecocycle, we are constantly looking to improve our performance, be it safety, technology or faster turnaround. This has led to our latest development in tank cleaning services. Our robust technology is able to significantly reduce downtime and the need for human entry into tanks. Our crawler robot is ideal for cleaning in confined spaces during the sludge removal process. The main goal is to keep the operators at a safe distance from the risk zone, especially in ATEX Zone 0 areas but also in other conditions. We’ve developed a robotic tank cleaning solution that offers best-in-class safety while speeding up the entire cleaning process. With the operation personal at a safe distance, the robotic tank cleaner easily navigates in the tank, sucking the difficult sludge. What’s more, INSEE Ecocycle can handle not only the cleaning, but also the sludge removal, transportation of materials and final disposal. This makes our tank cleaning solution a seamless process that is both faster and safer than traditional methods.


Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of the INSEE Ecocycle robotic tank cleaning program include:


  • No-man entry, no personnel is inside the tank during sludge removal operation
  • Operator in a safe area away from the tank
  • Low safety risk, high productivity


  • Quick start, simple operations within hazardous and limited spaces
  • Accurate and precise interventions
  • Uninterrupted operations

Key Features:

  • Robot is equipped with suction hose for removal of sludge
  • Hydraulic system operation/available with diesel and gasoline
  • Equipment is movable pass through 24” tank manhole.
  • The robot control by manual distributor with CCTV system (able to be controlled from outside)
  • Can work in dark condition; installed LED around the camera eyes.
  • Zone 0 explosion proof certification.

How to get start?

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