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INSEE Sanstha cements its reputation as a Most Loved Brand in Sri Lanka yet again


Sri Lanka’s first-ever superior blended cement product and the country’s oldest existing cement brand, INSEE Sanstha has been ranked amongst Sri Lanka’s 100 Most Loved Brands by LMD’s Brands Annual ranking for the third consecutive time.

The 100 Most Loved Brands ranking is the result of extensive market research and analysis, underscoring the popular position that INSEE Sanstha Cement enjoys in the market, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for construction professionals and homeowners across the country.

INSEE Cement Sri Lanka’s Commercial Director Nandana Amunuthuduwa says a key attribute that sets INSEE Sanstha apart is its customer-centric approach. “At INSEE, we prioritize customers and strive to understand their needs and desires to create strong emotional connections. Experience has shown that during challenging times or crises, INSEE Sanstha’s strong brand equity has helped withstand adverse impacts. As a well-established brand, INSEE Sanstha has built trust and credibility among consumers, contractors and other stakeholders.”

In addition to being recognized as a Most Loved Brand in the cement category, INSEE Santha has also won a host of other accolades including SLIM Kantar People’s Construction and Housing Brand of the Year for 12 consecutive years.

“INSEE Sanstha’s strong brand reputation has opened doors to new opportunities and markets and has given us credibility when introducing new product lines,” Amunuthuduwa added. “We drive innovation to enhance product performance, reduce environmental impact and improve construction efficiency. We are unyielding in our dedication to deliver superior-quality cement products for Sri Lankans as they build for life.”

As part of its sustainability and social responsibility, INSEE Cement Sri Lanka is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. INSEE’s notable milestones in this avenue include the first to launch Sri Lanka’s “greenest” cement, INSEE Sanstha Portland Composite Cement under SLSI 1697 in 2021. INSEE Sanstha Portland Composite Cement became the first cement brand in Sri Lanka to be awarded the prestigious Green Certificate by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka. INSEE Sanstha is also the first brand to be launched in compliance with the esteemed SLS 1697 Portland Composite Cement Standard and has received the gold certificate from the Ceylon Institute of Builders.

INSEE Sri Lanka’s Commercial Director also talked about what is in store for the brand in the future. “With the evolution of the construction industry, the needs of our customers are also changing. INSEE Santha’s has conquered the cement and mortar markets and we are on a very interesting journey to strengthen our position in the total building solutions arena. Within the existing challenges, we see opportunities to innovate and venture into new areas where we are confident can excel, as we did with cement and cement-related products.”