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INSEE Ready Mixed Concrete


Setting New Benchmarks for Concrete Consistency and Structural Performance

Drawing from five decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in construction, INSEE Cement now produces highly advanced, application-based ready mixed concrete solutions to meet the rapid pace of development across the local construction industry

INSEE Ready Mixed Concrete Advantages:
Our Application-Based Ready Mixed Concrete Solutions:


INSEE SCC – This highly flowable concrete mix is suitable for fast placement in greatly reinforced areas without mechanical consolidation. This mix offers improved durability, allows for aesthetic surface finishes, and enhances the construction of complex structural forms and large pours. Its flowable nature makes it particularly suitable for high-rise buildings and intricate constructions.


INSEE Cool – This low heat concrete mix prevents thermal cracking as well as delayed ettringite formation in mass concrete sections. This mix is easy to work with and pump, and also highly resistant to water, which results in highly durable concrete structures.


INSEE HiPer – This mix boasts high performance across all parameters. So it guarantees high strength, is easy to work with, has good volume stability, high modulus of elasticity and is highly resistant to water. It is also capable of withstanding harsh atmospheric conditions with high levels of sulfates, chlorides, or acids, ensuring a long service life. This makes INSEE HiPer ia deal for infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, tall buildings and irrigation projects.


INSEE Rapid – A high strength concrete mix that allows for optimised structural design and faster construction speed. This helps cut costs by reducing construction time and increasing usable floor area.


INSEE Pile – This concrete mixture is designed to withstand segregation and filtration over long periods, even under substantial hydraulic pressure. It is highly flowable and specifically intended for ground engineering purposes like piles and diaphragm walls.


INSEE Lite – A lightweight concrete mix, INSEE Lite is ideal for construction where reduced dead weight is an important variable in the design and economic feasibility of a project. It can be used for fire and corrosion protection, heat insulation on roofs, water pipe insulation, floor and roof slab fillings, partition and panel wall construction, low-cost housing construction, and the production of precast concrete blocks.


INSEE Colour – This mix offers aesthetic and colourful concrete surfaces that can be used for counters, sinks, furniture, wall panels, hearths, tiles, floors, counters and walls. It is a good alternative to adding expensive surface covers and materials. The mix is also durable and stain resistant.


INSEE SansthaCrete – Made from INSEE’s popular cement brand SANSTHA, this concrete mix is a high performing medium-to-high strength grade concrete which is easy to work with and pump. It is specially formulated for IHBs.


INSEE Thru – This mix is highly porous, allowing water from precipitation to pass through it. INSEE Thru is ideal for sustainable concrete flatwork such as parking areas, pedestrian walkways and pavements with trees, where it allows the transfer of both water and air to root systems, allowing trees to flourish even in heavily urbanised areas.


INSEE AntiWash – A self-flowing and cohesive underwater concrete with superior anti-washout properties in running water. INSEE Antiwash has a lower setting time do that it can be placed under water more easily. It has been perfected for marine construction and water irrigation infrastructure projects.


INSEE Eco – Gaining significant attention and market demand in the recent past through INSEE’s vision and promotion for sustainable construction, INSEE Eco is a highly durable, environmentally friendly concrete with a low Carbon footprint.


INSEE Control – This special mix which was produced by advanced concrete design technology, has zero-to-limited concrete shrinkage. This ensures that concrete structures and elements are highly durable and not susceptible to cracks and breakage, making INSEE Control ideal for flooring and pavement applications.


INSEE Right – This mix is designed to meet most of the required general requirements of concrete such as strength, workability and pumpability. These mixes are ideal for the construction of common concrete elements such as columns, walls, beams and slabs.