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INSEE Cement Customer Care and Operations Center

A One-Stop Solution for Your Queries, No Matter How Big or Small

INSEE Cement services clients through a centralised Customer Care and Operations Centre that handles all customer queries, orders, aftersales operations and customer complaints, seamlessly engaging with customers across all points of our operation

No more than three rings!

With over 5000 calls handled per month, INSEE Cement has built a strong reputation for our client servicing best practices. All calls are answered after no more than three rings, with undivided attention given to each customer by our trained and proficient operators. Customer complaints, if any, are given high priority and resolved at the earliest.

Benchmarked delivery management

All deliveries are managed via an online system that is updated via real-time vehicle tracking. It tracks deliveries right from when orders are loaded and leave the cement plant, right up until the goods are unloaded at the customer location.

Multiple channels for retail, industrial or even one-time orders!

Our orders – currently at 6000+ per month and counting – come in via SMS, email and fax, and are created within 10 minutes of confirmation. Customers can then follow up on order status, credit status, payments or any other related query on our hotline. Retail customers are regularly updated and notified on their orders via SMS, while industrial customer engagement is carried out primarily on email due to large volume and pace.

Unmatched and efficient aftersales

Our resourceful aftersales operation engages in punctual and accurate invoicing of orders for industrial customers. They also generate customer account reconciliation reports upon request. Other product promotions and campaigns are also introduced to relevant customers via the Customer Care and Operations Center.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
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