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INSEE Mortar 16W

INSEE Mortar 16W

White Skim Coat Mortar

INSEE Mortar 16W creates a very fine and smooth surface, finishing with a thickness of about 0.5-2.0 mm. It is suitable for application on precast walls, cast in place walls, masonry walls, cement board and gypsum board. It can also help fix small holes, hair cracks and coarse plastering surfaces. The final surface has very fine smoothness and is ready for paint application or attaching wallpaper. It can be used for both interior and exterior walls.


It is formulated for plastering at 0.5-2 mm thickness, applying for precast wall, cast in place wall, masonry wall, cement board, and gypsum board.

Technical Properties

Properties INSEE Mortar 16G
1. Water Retention
> 85
2. Time of Setting
90 - 180
3. Compressive Strength at 28 days
> 5.0
4. Adhesion Strength at 7 days
> 0.5

Remark: Test result from INSEE Mortar’s laboratory

Technical Information:

20 Kg (1 bag) per 8.0-8.4 liters of clean water can cover an area of approximately 15-17 Sq m at a thickness of 1 mm

  1. Fine concrete wall
  2. INSEE Mortar 16W White Skim Coat at 0.5 -2 mm thickness
  3. Painting
  1. Clay brick wall / Concrete block all / Lightweight block wall
  2. INSEE Mortar 11 : General Plastering Mortar or INSEE Mortar 13 Lightweight Block Plastering Mortar at 1-1.5 cm thickness
  3. INSEE Mortar 16W White Skim Coat at 0.5-2 mm thickness
  4. Painting