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INSEE Mortar 21

INSEE Mortar 21

Normal Bricklaying Mortar

INSEE MORTAR 21 is a dry-mixed mortar consisting of Portland cement, special quality grade limestone sand and additives that provide excellent workability, initial setting time and high adhesive-compressive strength capabilities. The finished walls offer high durability strength and are free of cracks.


It is formulated for bricklaying of clay brick and concrete block, apply for both of interior and exterior building.

Technical Properties

Properties TIS. 598-2560 INSEE Mortar 21
1. Water Retention
> 7.5
> 7.5
2. Compressive Strength at 28 days
> 5.0
> 6.0

Remark: Test result from INSEE Mortar’s laboratory and complying to the measurement of TIS. 598-2560

Technical Information:

50 Kg (1 bag) per 7-9 litres of clean water can cover an area of approximately 1.3-1.5 Sq m on clay brick at 1 cm of thickness and 2.5-2.9 Sq m on concrete block at 1 cm of thickness.


Clay Brick

  1. Clay Brick
  2. INSEE MORTAR 21 Normal Bricklaying Mortar at 1-2 cm thickness

Concrete Block

  1. Concrete Block
  2. INSEE MORTAR 21 Normal Bricklaying Mortar at 1–2 cm thickness