Sustainability Ambition 2030

Environmental. Social. Governance.

All of our corporate activities are in line with our SCCC vision and mission as well as our four commitments. Our commitment of “Caring about our future”, refers to our promise to create a positive future for generations to come. To deliver on this promise, we adhere to our Sustainable Development Policy that sets standards for good corporate governance, as well as for creating economic, environmental and social value.

Including comply with ISO14001 to creating confidence in our management of the environment. The Company has been certified ISO14001 continuously for more than 20 years, with the scope of the current standard ISO14001:2015 version covering all major processes of the organization.
In 2021, the Board of Directors set “Sustainability Ambition 2030” with three basic pillars. These are 1) Climate and Energy, 2) Circular Economy and 3) Biodiversity and Water. There are also two interconnecting themes which form the baseline and heart of our operations respectively – Occupational Health and Safety and our Community & Stakeholder Engagement as well as human rights respect.


Our Executive Committee (EXCO) was assigned to ensure that we adhere and deliver on the Sustainability Ambition 2030. Following a direction from Sustainability Steering Committee, the EXCO assigned sustainability country coordinators and working groups to define country specific sustainability roadmaps, with baseline from Year 2020, and ensure progress is being made according to defined annual targets for Thailand Cement Business as follows.


2022 Performance of key metrics from SCCC’s Thailand Cement Business


2022 Performance of key metrics from SCCC Group