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INSEE Housing Solution - For millions of long-lasting, durable residential projects

A stable home over time is always the dream of every Vietnamese family. As an expert in the field of research and development for civil construction materials, INSEE provides comprehensive solutions to millions of Vietnamese residential projects that are durable and resilient to all climate challenges in Vietnam.

INSEE Industrial Solution - For Sustainable Connection Infrastructure

Each construction project requires specific material requirements to guarantee durability. As the first choice for key infrastructure projects, INSEE provides a variety of specific construction solutions suitable for many applications at the construction site while helping to optimize sustainability in all weather conditions and connecting regions throughout Vietnam. Furthermore, we continuously improve our products to be more environmentally friendly, in line with green material criteria, and contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions.

CONWOOD - Beauty as Nature

The urban look is more complete thanks to the delicate combination of material properties and natural beauty. With the goal of bringing “beauty as nature”, CONWOOD offers an innovative combination between the aesthetics of real wood and the practicality and strength of concrete. With the main ingredients of recycled cellulose fiber and high-quality cement, CONWOOD has high hardness and durability while retaining the beauty of natural wood.

Light building materials DRYMIX - For a durable and beautiful urban appearance

Convenience and time-saving factors in construction have become necessities that are sought after frequently on the current market for building materials. With the goal of providing solutions that meet both of the above needs, INSEE offers a line of solutions for Paving Adhesives, Construction Mortars, and Anti-Compounds Permeability, enabling customers to complete the project quickly with high and stable quality, creating absolute peace of mind for homeowners and contractors.

INSEE Ecocycle - Because tomorrow matters

As a partner of more than 250 large corporations from many industries in Vietnam, INSEE Ecocycle is proud to bring Co-processing technology in cement kilns to handle more than 1,600,000 tons of waste safely and thoroughly, thereby reducing more than 1,200,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the course of15 years of operation.