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We offer an attractive working environment with national and international career development opportunities based on performance and skills. We treat each other with mutual respect and trust, sharing information and knowledge at all levels. This must be seen as an exciting entry opportunity for an international career.


# Cared at Work, Happy at Home

“Putting the employee first” is INSEE’ approach to holistic care programs. We ensure utmost safety, well-rounded benefits, and fair treatments to enable you to perform at your best, hence coming home happy with your loved ones.

  • “Health and Safety” priority is embedded deeply into INSEE’s ways of thinking and doing, starting from advanced safety procedures, high investment in modern technology and systems, to healthy working environment.
  • Our benefits package is designed to touch on important aspects of life – your health, your wellness, and your family.
  • At every stage of your journey with INSEE, fairness and respect are well-applied. Your voice is heard, your contribution is fairly recognized and rewarded.

# Cared at Work, Happy at Home

Aiming for a workforce of Excellence, INSEE highly invests in talent and leadership development across our organization. In any role, new joy and fresh learning will inspire you to perform and grow day by day.

  • Each employee has chances to deepen expertise thanks to INSEE’s world-class processes and know-how. You are also able to extend perspectives through multiple rotations and a potential international career that fits with your development.
  • Under clear directions, you have the autonomy and empowerment to try, to pilot, and even to fail, then to rebound. INSEE’s strong belief that “Teamwork makes the dream work” helps us reach our shared goals together through professional collaboration and mutual support.
  • INSEE enhances performance and enables you to grow fast through comprehensive development, from on-boarding programs, offline and online trainings to overseas workshops, and most importantly, regular coaching on the job.

# Together make life worth living

Committed to business ethics and integrity, all INSEE leaders and employees work as a team under a vision to make life worth living. Our advanced total solutions aim to build beautiful homes, sustainable cities, and a zero-waste future.

  • We are the global expert and pioneer in construction materials and waste solutions with forward-thinking ideas and innovations.
  • “Caring for our environment and our community” is INSEE’s promise to you, and through you, we make it happen. We co-create a better tomorrow for the next generations through relevant CSR programs, green manufacturing, and continuous investment for future sustainability.
  • You will work side by side with international, experienced leaders who are passionate and highly responsible for sustainability. They walk the floors, connect and motivate you to act with ethics and integrity while making the team feel valued.
  • Teamwork is embedded in INSEE’s culture. We believe that by working as a team, we ensure that we deliver values constantly and consistently. We are part of a team that supports each other, celebrates successes together, and works together to create a positive and productive work environment.

2020-2022 was a stressful and challenging time for enterprises in Vietnam with 4 waves of COVID-19. However, INSEE has always maintained initiatives focused on the young generations and the next leaders. Particularly, INSEE has supported the Green Summer Campaign for more than 20 years, organized the INSEE Prize for 14 years, and maintained the Young Talent program for 19 years, which has trained more than 260 students and hosted more than 50 seminars each year on practical subjects such as Sustainable Construction and Practical Applications, Career Orientation, Presentation Skills, and Teamwork ect., with the participation of industry experts and more than 4000 students from universities across the nation All initiatives are run under the motto “Learn Fast, Grow Further”, and with all these endless efforts, INSEE Vietnam has been honored as one of the “TOP 50 BEST EMPLOYER OF CHOICE BY VIETNAM STUDENTS 2022” for the second time in a row. We believe that these accomplishments not only serve as a source of pride for every INSEE employee but also build trust for candidates to choose us and develop their career path in our professional working environment.

  • INSEE Vietnam, as one of the leading cement manufacturers in Vietnam, continues to be recognized as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work for the 3rd consecutive year. This accolade is a testament to the company's continuous commitment to providing a positive working environment that fosters the growth, development, and well-being of our employees.
  • INSEE Vietnam believes in the importance of the core mottos, "Learn Fast, Grow Further," "Care at work - Happy at Home," and "Together make life worth living," which guide the company's efforts in creating a safe and engaging working environment. The company takes pride in promoting employee health and well-being through various initiatives, including comprehensive training programs that help employees realize their full potential. Additionally, INSEE Vietnam recognizes and rewards both individual and team achievements, which is an integral part of the company's culture.
  • The company understands that earning the trust and active involvement of employees is vital in creating an ideal work environment and attracting and retaining top talent. INSEE Vietnam has consistently made efforts to create a pleasant work environment where safety and health are given top priority. It is impossible to achieve these things without mentioning the unwavering dedication and efforts of all employees to help the company achieve the achievements it has today, where employees can develop and specialize in their lives and careers.