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Providing consultancy and innovation through our i2i approach

The INSEE i2i program
Our ‘i2i’ service stands for ‘Innovation to Industry’ and it works as an open forum of interaction for innovation, which is supported by our green, state-of-the-art lab, and an extended program focused on creating value for our different customers, partners, stakeholders, and community in Vietnam.

The i2i program was developed to support customers by providing them with a wide range of technical and interaction services from the experienced engineers and experts of INSEE aimed at reducing their costs, optimizing the quality of their products, and improving the efficiency of their operations. The i2i program is innovative as it provides value added solutions and reliable technical guidance, it is green as it contributes to sustainable development and the reduction of CO2 emissions, and it is open as it brings various benefits to the community.

Our i2i program provides our customers in the construction industry with various services within 3 different categories: Technical, Quality and Community.

What do our services have to offer you?

Our i2i Technical service provides expert guidance and support whether you need help optimizing your mix, researching specialized concrete solutions or improving your technical skills.

We offer services including Design and Trial Mix, Design Concrete Mix and Value-Added Solutions.

Our i2i Quality methods ensure that your concrete and cement products meet the highest quality standards.

We identify and resolve quality concerns before they escalate, with Early Warning Systems, Issue Handling and Issue Prevention services.

At our i2i Community, we share our expertise and resources with you and with the wider construction industry.

We are committed to educating and empowering the next generation of cement and concrete professionals, through our Training Programs, Events and Online Library of Technical Information.

High Customer Satisfaction

Many of our customers opt to experience INSEE’s Technical basic skill trainings offered by our i2i Community package. Our training program provides technicians with essential theory and practical knowledge about concrete and aggregates.

Upon completing the training, technicians have expressed their appreciation to INSEE trainers for their practical advice and dynamic guidance, and for being given the opportunity of accessing useful tests to enhance their skills. Customers have also praised our program for enabling trainees to ask technical questions in confidence - a level of personalized attention that has previously lacked in alternate training programs.

We look forward to providing valuable customer experience and to continue exceeding our customers’ expectations through the i2i program.

Reliable Partner in the Construction Industry

Through the holistic i2i approach, INSEE Vietnam is committed to being a reliable partner for customers by providing them with sustainable and innovative solutions in the construction industry.

We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our customers by continuously improving our products and services and delivering on our promise of professionalism and expertise.