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Meeting Construction Needs of the Present Without Compromising Those of the Future

Staying true to our legacy of pioneering many industry firsts in Sri Lanka, we continue to introduce and integrate sustainable solutions across the local construction industry. We have focused on a number of areas to drive sustainable development, including sustainability performance in our products and solutions, processes and the structures that bear the INSEE name.


Mix design optimisation and solutions development

INSEE cement offers comprehensive cement mix solutions to help clients meet all the structural, performance and economical requirements of their construction projects. We use simulations, advanced technology, testing equipment and our years of accumulated expertise to evaluate numerous parameters including but not limited to water-cement ratio, cement type, percentage of cement and aggregate grading to obtain the best balance between performance and cost optimisation.

We Offer :

  • Pre-Project Mix Design Evaluations – At the planning stages of the project. The INSEE team consults the client, contractors and site engineers on the mix requirement, evaluating and delivering the necessary results for decision making.

  • New mix design introduction & recommendations – due to the mutually beneficial nature of the relationships we have nurtured with our clients over the years, we also make recommendations based on our own findings and on the research results of new and improved mix designs during the initial stages of projects. In order to provide accurate recommendations, we:

    - assess the rheological parameters of fresh concrete

    - introduce new durability testing tools and methods

    - simulate the pumpability of concrete mixes

    - generate test results and statistics for aggregates of the mix design

    - assess durability, workability and strength gaining aspects of superior blended cements

  • Mix design performance and cost optimization – following simulations, thorough testing and evaluation of results, we help clients determine the best proportions of the constituents of the concrete mix and ensure the final optimised mix design delivers the desired properties of fresh / hardened concrete, in a cost-effective manner.

  • Mass pouring thermal simulation – INSEE cement offers clients advanced thermal modelling with INSEE contemp™ – a simulation software that creates thermal mock-ups to determine the hydration heat of the mix for mass pouring projects before the actual mixing. This greatly benefits clients by reducing running / building costs and enabling critical decision-making.


Application needs-based Products and Solutions

Today’s rapid pace of construction and infrastructure development has led to innovative new concrete solutions. From rapid drying, to thermal modeling and special surface treatments, varying client requirements have resulted in the INSEE team developing customer-led, application needs-based solutions:

  • Pervious concrete – Sustainable solution for pavements and roads

  • High early strength concrete – reduces project cycle time and overhead cost

  • High performance concrete – displays enhanced physical properties such as rapid strength gain, high durability

  • High durable concrete – improves operational cost efficiency by reducing maintenance cost and assuring a longer lifetime in aggressive environments

  • Pumped concrete – fluid with high workability, ideal for high-rise constructions and large pouring


Innovative solutions for scarcity of raw materials through beneficiation and valorisation

INSEE cement is leading the local construction industry to proactively discover and implement innovative ways to sustainably re-use, conserve and substitute resources in construction practices. Our approach to resource conservation includes:

  • Material/ Aggregate Testing And Recommendation – to promote sustainable resource utilisation and reuse

  • Substitution

    - usage of m-sand with improved rheological parameters

    - usage of sea sand as a solution to reduce overall project cost and lifecycle

    - usage of red sand as a fine aggregate

    - experiment with lg ls as a lightweight aggregate


Building Stakeholder Relationships Beyond Products and Solutions

Challenging convention is not just part of our evolution as a company, it has also become a fundamental asset in our position as the local industry leader. This is why at INSEE, we are always identifying and introducing new, better ways to create value through future-ready solutions for our stakeholders.

Our approach to value creation is three-fold:

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