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INSEE Mortar 32

INSEE Mortar 32

Easy Floor Screed

INSEE MORTAR 32 is a dry-mixed mortar consisting of Portland cement, special quality grade limestone sand and additives to provide flow ability, easy floor leveling, reduced cracks and de-bonding. It is suitable for leveling concrete floors before covering with decorative materials such as parquet or laminated wood. Fast work is required with appropriate compressive strength


It is formulated for leveling the concrete floor surfaces for thickness 1-5 centimeter before covering with decorative floor materials.

Technical Properties

Properties Standard Test Internal Standard Testing INSEE Mortar 32
Compressive Strength at 28 days
> 15.0
Bond Strength at 7 days
> 3.0
Slump Flow Test
BS EN 12350
> 65
> 65

Remark: Test result from INSEE Mortar’s laboratory

Technical Information

50 Kg (1 bag) per 10-11.5 litres of clean water can cover an area of approximately 2.8 Sq m at 1 cm of thickness.

  1. Concrete Floor
  2. INSEE LATEX Bonding Agent for Concrete and Mortar
  3. INSEE Mortar 32 Easy Floor Screed at 3-5 cm thicknes
  1. Concrete Floor
  2. INSEE Mortar 32 Easy Floor Screed at 3-5 cm thickness