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INSEE Mortar 36

INSEE Mortar 36

Floor Hardener

INSEE Mortar 36 is a non-metallic, specially formulated floor hardener. Apply by sprinkling floor hardener onto the surface of fresh concrete after bleed water has evaporated then use a polishing machine or hand trowel polish until achieving a dense, smooth and shiny finish. Can increase abrasion resistance, surface hardness and durability on industrial floors.


It is formulated to increase durability on concrete floors, for high traffic or abrasion such as industrial floors, warehouse floors, public spaces, restaurants and museums.


Sample colors only, not a true representation of final application.

Technical Properties

Properties INSEE Mortar 36
Abrasion resistance class
Class AR2
Maximum wear depth at 7 days
< 0.2 mm
Surface hardness at 7 days
7 - 8

Remark Test result from INSEE Mortar’s laboratory

Technical Information

25 Kg (1 bag) can cover an area of approximately 3-4 Kg per Sq m for medium duty and approximately 4-5 Kg per Sq m for heavy duty.

  1. Fresh concrete floor
  2. INSEE Mortar 36 Floor Hardener 3-5 Kg per Sq m