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Occupational Health and Safety


INSEE Vietnam’s ambition is that 100% of personnel entering any of our sites return home as safe and healthy as when they arrived. It is our priority that every employee and contractor in our business be treated as a valuable and equal partner whose health and wellbeing are prioritized, protected, and cared for. Through pro-active safety leadership, we strive to prevent all injuries and illnesses by providing a safe and healthy workplace, safe systems of work, all necessary safety equipment, training in safe operating procedures, and enforcement of best practice safety regulations.


  • Zero Harm by 2030

Key Initiatives

  • Promote the “Safety Starts with Me” and “Do Not Walk Past” campaigns

  • Promote OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) Competency

  • Implement 30 directives of the New Safety Management System (OHSMS)

  • INSEE Contractor Safety Management (focus on contractor involvement and activities)

Community and Stakeholder Engagement


INSEE Vietnam has been continuously involving its stakeholders as well as employees, suppliers, and customers in reaching the Sustainability Ambition 2030, having a community and stakeholder engagement plan for all sites, and assessing the impact of the Sustainability Ambition and its community and stakeholder engagement activities. The focus of community engagement activities at INSEE Vietnam is on improving people’s health and well-being, engaging with our communities where we operate, as well as capacity building in the areas of climate and energy, circular economy, biodiversity and water, or occupational health and safety.

INSEE is aware that the key to success in doing sustainable business is creating value for all stakeholders. Therefore, the Company has set “value creation for stakeholders” as our business goals, as we believe that understanding and good relationships with all stakeholders would create major benefits as follows:

  • Serve as a solid foundation for a strong business operation

  • Allow the business to set effective policies and appropriate work plans

  • Use the suggestions and recommendations of stakeholders to support new innovations and solve certain problems

  • Promote a good image for the business and support our license to operate


  • To proactively engage with its communities and stakeholders.

  • To achieve 6 voluntary hours per employee that contribute to the communities in 2023

The following table gives an overview of the engagement strategy with our stakeholders:
Stakeholders Objective Engagement Strategy


Create safe work environments and promote employee’s health & wellbeing. Ensure equal opportunities and offer learning and career development within the workplace.

  • Develop leadership capabilities in supervisors to be more attentive to subordinates

  • Promote engagement and two-way communications within the organization

  • Develop a safety culture in the workplace and build awareness about the environmental impact of our business

  • Conduct employee engagement survey to regularly listen to employees’ opinions

  • Calling for around 6,100 volunteer hours from INSEE Vietnam’s employees, contributing to the corporate social responsibility programs


Build and enhance long-term relationships with customers

  • Arrange regular meetings and customer visits, both physically and virtually

  • Develop communication channels, online sales, and support system to increase speed, convenience, and effectiveness in meeting the customer’s needs

  • Provide customer training and knowledge sharing

  • Constantly conduct surveys to listen to customers’ opinions for continuous improvement


Implement CSR-in-process to prevent or minimize operational impact on the communities, including creating projects to continuously support the communities’ sustainable development, the so-called CSR-after-process.

  • Regularly conduct surveys of communities’ opinions

  • Regularly conduct Social Impact Assessments to evaluate the CSR strategy

  • Develop communication channels, both official and unofficial

  • Promote the community’s engagement and joint management on some important projects

  • Create a fund for community and environment development, as well as community advisory panels

Goods & Service Suppliers

Promote good collaboration and mutual support to create business opportunities and mutual growth.

  • Announce, promote, and implement the Code of Conduct for all employees and suppliers

  • Announce, promote, and implement the “INSEE Speak Up” channel for all employees and suppliers

  • Announce and implement the Sustainable Procurement Policy and Guidelines

  • Arrange meetings with suppliers to promote good communication and training programs on various topics


Carry out business operations with good corporate governance while building sustainable progress for the organization.

  • Organize the Annual Shareholders Meeting

  • Regularly communicate and arrange field visits, and participations in CSR and environmental projects

Government Agencies & Independent Organizations

Strictly adhere to the laws and ensure good cooperation with the government sector. Seek opportunities for joint activities and projects that are beneficial to society and the nation

  • Study the legal implications and control all aspects of the business to ensure legal compliance

  • Participate in meetings, seminars, and forums with government agencies, as well as support official exhibitions and seminars

  • Support and participate in projects for society and the nation as organized by the government sectors.


Promote a good understanding of the company’s operations, including policies and major projects, so that the media is able to communicate them accurately to our stakeholders and the general public.

  • Regularly provide the media with information, operational facts and figures, and the progress of major projects

  • Regularly arrange opportunities for the media to meet senior management and participate in sustainable development activities


Key Initiatives

INSEE Prize:

The INSEE Prize is a playground to set up a foundation for students to pay more attention to sustainable development by applying learned knowledge in practice to solve some urgent problems in the community. When joining this competition, students have opportunities not only to interact and experience advanced construction trends, but also to be trained in necessary soft skills such as presentation, teamwork, time management, and project management.
The champion, together with INSEE, will actualize their winning project. Over the past 14 years of organization, INSEE has directly sponsored VND 3,2 billion and fund-raised VND 10,1 billion from partners for the implementation phase, with 5,000 beneficiaries throughout the nation.


EVE program

INSEE Vietnam offers the Enterprise Vocational Training (EVE) program with the goal of developing and improving labor capacity and job opportunities in local areas around our plant. The company creates conditions for young local high school graduates to develop their skills through a training program in partnership with a local Vocational College and practice at INSEE. After 3 years, students will graduate with a college certificate, and INSEE will recruit them to work in technical positions in the factory. During the past 21 years, the program has successfully trained nearly 300 technicians, and most of the graduates have decided to stay with INSEE.


Infrastructure development

As a responsible company, infrastructure development for the community is an important pillar that INSEE always pursues. The most prominent project currently is the Kien Binh 2 school that INSEE has invested in and built in Kien Binh commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. This is a particularly meaningful project for the locality, creating conditions for 700 students from poor households and ethnic minorities to go to school while providing a teaching and learning environment with modern facilities for local teachers and children with a total investment of 20 billion dong. In addition, INSEE has also built 14 bridges for people's lives and more than 120 km of roads to serve people's travel needs conveniently and safely until 2022.

Social development

INSEE has continuously implemented annual community support activities such as health checks and gifts for the elderly and taking care of children around the area where INSEE’s plant operates. Masons facing difficulties are also provided with a CSR program by INSEE, such as completing the "Unfinished Wall" and accompanying partners in minimizing the impact of the environment through the activity "Bring fresh water to the Mekong Delta" for the impacted citizens. During the pandemic period, INSEE also collaborated with several official distributors and partners to provide practical support campaigns for frontline doctors and families in difficult circumstances.