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On the occasion of celebrating 130 years of the formation and development of Dalat city, with the unanimous consent of the People's Committee of Dalat city, on the morning of December 15th, 2023, INSEE Vietnam, in coordination with the People's Committee of Ward 10 and the wholesaler Bao Tuan, successfully organized the handover ceremony of the artwall “Shades of Dalat”, which is more than 130 meters long, with the participation and support of the representatives of the local authorities. 

Known as a project by INSEE Vietnam together with the People's Committee of Ward 10 and various partners including artists and construction teams, the artwall “Shades of Dalat” has been nurtured for over 130 days. It aims to create something special, “celebrating 130 years of the formation and development of Dalat city”.

On the morning of December 15, 2023, the handover ceremony of the artwall “Shades of Dalat”, which spans over 130 meters, was warmly welcomed by representatives of the local authorities. Immersed in the festive atmosphere commemorating the 130th anniversary of the city's establishment, Ms. Tran Thi Vu Loan, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dalat, expressed her thoughts at the handover ceremony: “Dalat city always strives for sustainable development with green and friendly criteria. On this occasion, the city's leadership has encouraged many community-serving projects and the artwall “Shades of Dalat” can be seen as the largest and highest-quality project, with harmonious drawings, bright colors and a truthful representation of the characteristic landscapes and culture of Dalat”.

Image 1: Representatives from sponsors handing over the project to the local government

Throughout the handover ceremony, INSEE recounted a story about the most unique and simple definitions of Dalat. These are the moments, the memories, the affections that are intimate, simple yet filled with love, only fully felt in Dalat with its complete embodiment of “Gentle – Elegant –Friendly”. Representing INSEE Vietnam, Mr. Pham Thanh Tu, Marketing Manager, shared about the project: “Dalat keeps developing everyday, but the city's intrinsic values will always remain intact and preserved by those who love this city. As a leading green cement brand, INSEE Vietnam is proud to contribute to building a beautiful and sustainable Dalat”.

Image 2: INSEE Vietnam representative sharing the meaningful story behind the artwall

With a length of over 130m, the wall was completely constructed using 130 bags of INSEE Wall Pro specialized masonry cement. INSEE Vietnam hopes to contribute to the Dalat future through small, sustainable things, thereby strengthening the love for Dalat and honoring the city's original beauty. 

Image 3: Production team takes photos with representatives from sponsors and local government

The artwall has received a lot of love and become a new and distinctive 'check-in' point in Dalat, “celebrating 130 years of Dalat's formation and development”.
About artwall “Shades of Dalat”

  • 130 days of ideation, construction, and completion
  • 130 bags of INSEE Wall Pro masonry cement used
  • The 130-meter “Shades of Dalat” is introduced to celebrate 130 years of Dalat's formation and development.
  • The project is approved by the People's Committee of Dalat City and Ward 10
  • Sponsors: INSEE Vietnam and wholesaler Bao Tuan
  • Design and construction partners: Artist Vu Mini, Gem Art drawing team, wall plastering team and other partners"
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Photos of Handover Ceremony: Click here