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INSEE Plastering Solution

INSEE Plastering Solution

Innovative Plastering Process

Insee Plastering Solution consists of bulk plastering mortar with silo, mixing conveying system and plastering machine. The solution has several advantages over conventional wall plastering, including a faster working process, less labor demand, better consistency and reduced wall cracks and lower total cost.

Why Do We Need “INSEE Plastering Solution” ?

  • 10-15 times faster than conventional working process
  • Conveying capacity is 200-300 square meters per 8 hours
  • Less worker, Less process and Less mixing time
  • Consistent proportion of plastering mortar and cement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy use, Less stock area, Closed system (protect from humidity)
  • Silo capacity of more than 1,000 square meters
  • Environmental friendly by reducing number of mortar bags
  • Removable, continuous pumping and reduce materials loss
  • Save worker time and cost to remove mortar bags
  • Conveying distance of up to 30 floors (need more compressor for higher distance)

Site management

  • Bulk mortar transportation
  • 30 –ton mortar silo
  • Mixing and Plastering system

Plastering machine



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