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Premium Quality Anti-Black Mold Tile Grout (CG2WA)

INSEE TileGrout GUARD NANO is a premium quality tile grout suitable for large ceramic, granite, granito and swimming pool tiles. It is for 0.2-5 mm. gap sizes and is CG2WA compliant. It can be used for wall and floor tiles, both indoors and outdoors, including areas requiring high durability conditions.


For grouting all types of wall and floor tiles, outdoor and indoor, grout for narrow gap size of 0.2-5 mm.


  • High quality in compliance with ISO CG2, anti-mold and anti-bacteria by Biocide
  • UV resistant and colour stable
  • Chemical and acid resistant
  • No VOCs
  • Hydrophobic Technology for dirt and stains reduction
  • Deep penetration for narrow gap size of 0.2-5 mm.
  • Reduce Efflorescence
  • ISO 13007-3 CG2WA, ISO 13007-4, EN13888-CG2WA, ANSI A118.6, ANSI A118.7

Available in 8 colours

Note : the colour may be different from the display due to the capacity of each monitor screen

Use Information INSEE TileGrout GUARD NANO
Bulks Density
1.1 gm/cm3
Gap Width
0.2-5 mm
Slake Time
5 minutes
Pot Life (In Shade @ 25°C)
30 minutes
Grouting Time after Tile Adhesive Cured
24-48 hours
Curing Time before Traffic
6 hours

Technical Information

1 Kg of INSEE TileGrout Guard Nano (1 bag) per 0.34 liters of water or INSEE TileGrout Guard Nano 2.6 parts per 1 part of water can cover the area as shown on below table

Coverage rate : 1 bag of INSEE TileGrout can cover areas as shown in the table below.

  1. INSEE TileGrout Guard Nano