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INSEE TileGrout Go

INSEE TileGrout Go

General Purpose Tile Grout

INSEE TileGrout Go is a general purpose tile grout for gap sizes 1-7 mm. It is suitable for floor and wall grouting on both the interior and exterior of a building.


Tile grouting use for general floor and wall both interior and exterior of the building for gap size 1-7 mm .

  • Good adhesion, does not slip off
  • Smooth surface finished and Anti-Cracks
  • Prevent chloride permeability and carbonation reaction
  • Easy for cleaning
  • Can be used both interior and exterior
  • Watertight

Available in 9 colours

Note: the colour may be different from the display due to the capacity of each monitor screen

Use Information INSEE TileGrout Go
Bulk Density
1.1 Kg / Litre
Gap Width
1-7 mm
Slake Time
5 minutes
Pot Life (In shade @ 25 °C)
30 minutes
Grouting Time after Tile Adhesive Cured
24-48 hours
Curing Time before Traffic
48 hours

Technical Information

1 Kg of INSEE TileGrout Go (1 bag) per 0.38 liters water or INSEE TileGrout Go 2.6 parts per 1 part of water can cover the area as shown on below table

Coverage Rate : 1 bag of TileGrout can be covered areas by table below

  1. INSEE TileGrout Go