> INSEE Sustainability Ambition 2030


Environmental. Social. Governance.

All corporate activities align with SCCC’s vision and mission as well as our four commitments. To deliver on our commitment of “Caring about our future”, the Board of Directors set the “Sustainability Ambition 2030” in 2021. This initiative is based on three pillars designed to create a positive future for generations to come. The pillars are:

1) Climate and Energy
2) Circular Economy
3) Biodiversity and Water.

These are supported by two interconnecting themes which form the baseline and heart of our operations: Occupational Health and Safety and our Community & Stakeholder Engagement. Finally, respect for human rights ties everything together.

Our Executive Committee (EXCO) was assigned to ensure that we adhere to and deliver on the Sustainability Ambition 2030. Following direction from the Sustainability Steering Committee, EXCO assigned sustainability country coordinators and working groups to define country-specific sustainability roadmaps, with a baseline from 2020, and confirm progress is being made according to defined annual targets for the Thailand Cement Business. 

2023 ​ESG Performance
of Thailand Cement Business
2023 ​ESG Performance
of SCCC Group
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