Under the main campaign: “Green Heart”
key CSR projects conducted during the
past 5 years
All CSR projects are align with our CSR Policy and benefit to the general public as it was conducted country-wide in all regions of the country to demonstrate our social responsibility. Along with partners and stakeholders, SCCC works to build a sustainable future through our Green effort with the concept INSEE Green Society
We commit to work with all our stakeholders, building and maintaining relationships of mutual respect and trust. We aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities around our operations.
The following seven principles shall be applied to achieve the INSEE group company’s CSR Policy and Objectives:
Corporate Governance
The INSEE group company shall operate business in accordance with good corporate governance, business ethics with transparency, accountabilities and respects for human rights and fair treatment to all stakeholders including our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the communities.
Human Rights and Employment Practices
The INSEE group company shall abide by the human rights principles, related laws and regulations and fair treatment and equality to all employees.
Customer and Supplier Relations
The INSEE group company shall place importance on customer needs to ensure sustainable relationship with customer and to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Likewise, the INSEE Group shall also expect ethical business practice and fair treatment from its suppliers to ensure sustainable relationship and creating shared value to all.
Environmental Care and Sustainable Development
The INSEE group company shall promote and emphasize on environmental protection and environmental development activities to protect and reduce impact on the environment and community from its business operations by adhering to the highest regulatory standards.
Community and Social Development
The INSEE group company shall place importance on participating and supporting sustainable development in the communities surrounding its operation sites and society at large.
Controlling and Reporting
The INSEE group company shall regularly and strictly monitor and report all business and CSR performance to the public. The INSEE group company shall be open to suggestions and recommendations from all stakeholders.
Anti-bribery & Corruption
The company shall operate the business ethically and transparently, to ensure that all business policies, rules and provisions are strictly followed.
* We encourage stakeholder feedback and consider their suggestions for future actions. We will periodically review this policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.* This policy is effective on February 16, 2004