Mixed cement for quality bricklaying and plastering works
INSEE Dang is mixed cement,manufactured from Portland cement clinker finely ground with other inert materials, which produces a mortar of high plasticity.
Its specification conform to the Thai Industrial Standard for Mixed Cement TIS 80 -2007.
Home building by INSEE Dang
Cement Qualification
INSEE Dang is suitable for masonry and plastering works where minimal mortar shrinkage and smooth finishing are required. The INSEE dang is also suitable for ordinaryconcrete works such as general housing works, concrete pavement, concrete tiles, piers, drain pipes, septic tanks, water tanks, etc.
  • Clean the surface before plastering for better adhesion.
  • Moisten the wall before plastering to avoid cracks from rapid water absorption.
  • Do not directly expose the just finished plastered wall to sunlight to avoid cracks from heat and rapid water loss
  • For plastering works, curing is highly recommended especially 1-3 days after plastered (in this period plastered walls should be kept damp)
    in order to avoid cracks and to help concrete to develop itscompressive strength.
  • Keep the cement under shade and cool-dry area.
  • Do not store cement for more than 2 months and once opened should be finished within 1-2 day
Mixing Proportion
Mix the volumetric proportion of INSEE Dang, rock gravel, sand and water as follow;
General Structure
INSEE Dang : 1
Sand : 2
Rock : 4
Water : 1
Bricklaying works
INSEE Dang : 1
Sand: 3
Rock : -
Water : 1
Internal plastering works
INSEE Dang : 1
Sand : 2.5
Rock : -
Water : 1
External plastering works
INSEE Dang : 1
Sand : 3
Rock : -
Water : 1
Remark: Coarse sand is used for concrete and bricklaying works. Fine sand is used for plastering works.
  • Bag Cement 50 kg
Technical Specification
Physical Qualifications 1. Blaine Air Permeability
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Dang
(sq.m./kg.) > 320 535
Physical Qualifications 2. Setting Time (Vicat Method)
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Dang
Initial (minutes) > 45 97
Final (minutes) - 194
Physical Qualifications 3. Mortar Compressive Strength
  TIS. 80-2550 INSEE Dang
1 days (MPa) - 6.2
3 days (MPa) > 6.9 11.5
7 days (MPa) < 11.8 13.8