Siam City Cement through its subsidiaries, Siam City Concrete Co., Ltd., Conwood Co., Ltd. and INSEE Superblock Co., Ltd., is engaged in cement-based building materials, wood replacement products and light-weight concrete blocks.


As one of the leading cement producers, currently offers two major types of cement products: a “MIXED CEMENT”
  • Mixed cement: specially formulated for plastering and bricklaying works where smooth and finishing works are required.
  • Portland cement: specially developed for production of high strength reinforced concrete, high quality concrete tiles, and all kind of concrete piles and poles and panels, as well as pre-stressed concrete products.


To fulfills customers’ need for absolute convenience and quality by providing the ready to use cement; namely, INSEE Mortar which can be used instantly by mixing with clean water 
in the appropriate portion. INSEE Mortar has currently offered variety cement
  • Plastering mortar: For general plastering, Fine plastering, Lightweight block plastering, 
Fine lightweight block plastering, Concrete plastering and Skim Coat
  • Brick laying mortar: For normal brick laying and Lightweight block brick laying
  • Floor leveling mortar: For floor screeding and leveling
  • Tile mortar: For Tile waterproof coating, Tile adhesive and grout


as a result of the diversity of construction projects all over the country and different kinds of concrete applications required, has its plant network covering Greater Bangkok, Eastern Seaboard and major cities in upcountry. Also the expansion of INSEE Concrete Franchise to extend strategic partnership network has increased steadily and covered all areas nationwide in order to service and meet customers’ requirements in concrete business.



manufactures architectural and decorative living design solutions, made from high quality cement and delicate cellulose fibers that help sustain the environment and reduce natural wood consumption. CONWOOD offers a wide range of products under 5 major areas of applications
  • Eave and Ceiling Decorations: CONWOOD Eave, CONWOOD Lath, CONWOOD Ceiling Border, and etc.
  • Wall Decorations: CONWOOD Lap Siding BG, CONWOOD Lap Siding G-Series, CONWOOD Decorative Panel, CONWOOD Door Frame, and etc.
  • Floor Decorations: CONWOOD Decorative Deck, CONWOOD Deck, CONWOOD Mold, CONWOOD Decorative Stairs &Handrail, etc.
  • Multi-Decorations: CONWOOD Plank 1” and 2”, CONWOOD Fence, CONWOOD Sunshade, and etc.
  • Water-Based Paint : CONWOOD Color (Primer, Paint, and Clear Coat)



the most recent subsidiary of Siam City Cement, operates the production and supply of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Class4 (G4), comprising blocks, panels and lintels. INSEE SUPERBLOCK Co., Ltd provides building materials that combine light weight with high strength and provide a number of advantages through
  • Highest quality product under Class 4
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire resistance

INSEE Ecocycle

INSEE Ecocycle

The Company, being aware of the importance of alternative fuels and raw materials in cement production process, is one of the pioneers in AFR development in Thailand with the founding of a business unit to focus on AFR development. Called “INSEE Ecocycle”, the firm specializes in the recovery of materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfills, trash incinerators or illegal dumps, to be co-processed in cement kilns as fuel and raw materials.
Since 2005, INSEE Ecocycle has been offering a total waste management service to our customers by transforming waste derived from industrial, community and agricultural sectors, into alternative fuels and raw materials and used in cement production process. This business unit has been well developed and equipped with experienced employees working at one of Thailand’s best and biggest alternative fuels pre-processing platforms.
IN 2013, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES CO.,LTD., a new subsidiary, was incorporated to principally engage in the industrial waste disposal and alternative fuel and raw material trading. Its first project is Transfer Station located in HEMARAJ INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.
The company uses thermodynamic technology that will not generate any problematical pollution. In additional, a Power Plant project was launched to generate electricity from waste heat recovered from cement production process. The electricity thus produced would be able to replace up to 25 percent of its electricity requirement, saving precious natural resources for the Company as well as for the national power grid.

Globe Cement Company Limited

Globe Cement Company Limited (established in 1990) has been an SCCC subsidiary since May 2016. Globe Cement is the producer of Portland White Cement with global standard quality. The Company distributes its products through authorized dealers around the country.

Siam City Power Company Limited

a subsidiary, was incorporated in 2011. It engages in the electricity generation business, and has received Board of Investment (BoI) promotional privileges for electricity generation from waste heat arising from cement production. With the strong believe in the value of corporate vision, mission, and goal, at Siam City Cement will constantly ensure commitment of business growth and achievement of performance to provide quality of innovative products and services for sustainable perspective.

INSEE Digital Company Limited

INSEE Digital Company Limited is a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group that was established in 2013 to offer the complete digital technology and information technology services to SCCC and all its Group Companies within Thailand and abroad, such as Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation in Cambodia, Siam City Cement (Bangladesh) Limited, Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited and Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Limited. In the future, INSEE Digital is expected to expand its services to other customers outside the Group Companies, particularly our business partners.

Siam City Cement Trading Company Limited

2018 was Siam City Cement Trading Company Limited’s first full year after its incorporation in March 2017. Our key objectives are to support the needs of SCCC’s local and international subsidiaries for all seaborne bulk imports and exports and to remain the sole supplier of all seaborne traded commodities including fuel. Also important is to tap into the regional demand and supply imbalances to create opportunities for the Group and fuel the aspiration to be the leading trading house in this region for our industry