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INSEE Superior Tile Adhasive

INSEE Superior Tile Adhasive

INSEE Sanstha Superior Tile Adhesive is a cementitious tile adhesive for ceramic, porcelain tiles.

It is also suitable for natural materials e.g., marble, granite, fibre cement sheets, concrete and many different surfaces.

The product is applicable for both floor and wall tiling.

Cement-based polymer modified adhesive is specially formulated to suit most tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and vitrified tiles for vertical installation (wall) and horizontal installation (floor).

It is suitable for use over many different surfaces, timber (indoor), fibre cement sheets, and concrete, and complies with ISO 13007:2010 for C2 grade adhesive.

Fact File

  • Product Name: INSEE Sanstha Superior Tile Adhesive
  • Type: C2 Grade Adhesive
  • Standard: ISO 13007:2010

Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Fine granular powder white or grey
  • Composition: Composed of Portland cement fine-graded sands, containing re-dispersible binder of copolymer-ethylene vinyl acetate and special additives
1.4-1.6 g/cm3-Dry: 1.5-1.7g/cm3-Wet
Up to 400x400mm2,6-8mm: 0.8-1.0M2/Kg/mm
Up to 400x400mm2 10-12mm nolch: 0.5-0.7M2/Kg/mm
Water Ration
25-35% by weight (250-350ml per Kg)
Pot Life
30 min when mixed
Set Time
24 hrs
Tensile adhesion strength after 28days
Tensile adhesion strength after water immersion
Tensile adhesion strength. open time 30min

Application Information

  • Suitable for large size ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, granito tiles, and glass tiles.
    Applicable for non, low, medium and high porosity tiles, including fibre cement boards and plywood boards
  • It can be used for floors and walls, both interior and exterior

Surface Considerations

  • In the case of new works, the substrate must be strong, smooth, level, clean, dry, and free from dust, oil, cement fragments, and other foreign materials.
  • In the case of renovation works, there may be an existing surface, which has been colour painted: this must be removed first, then remove any debris, stains, loose particles and dirt from the substrate.
    If the substrate is very porous or has a high-water absorption rate, it should be sprayed with clean water until the substrate is saturated, but does not have any standing water left.
  Tile Adhesive Supeior
Tile Adhesive


Tile-on-tile   check_mark
Swimming pools   check_mark
Bathrooms   check_mark
Rooftops   check_mark

Tile Types

Porcelain check_mark check_mark
Ceramic check_mark check_mark
Marble   check_mark
Granite   check_mark
Non-absorption check_mark check_mark

Surface Types

Concrete check_mark check_mark
Render check_mark check_mark
Screeds check_mark check_mark
Fibre cement sheets check_mark check_mark