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INSEE Tile Mortar

INSEE Tile Mortar

Cement based polymer modified mortar formulated for horizontal and vertical application of most tiles, including ceramic and natural stones.

It is suitable for use over many different surfaces, timber (indoor), fibre cement sheets, concrete etc.


  • Selection additive gives good adhesion and does not peel off
  • Easy-to-use
  • With appropriate tile adjustment time
  • Tile immersion in water not required before installation


  • Suitable for medium and high water absorption tiles for indoor applications, as both floor and wall tiles.
  • Tile size not over 40x40cm

Coverage Rates
1 bag of INSEE SANSTHA TILE MORTAR can cover an area of approximately 60sqft depending on tile adhesive thickness and deflection of substrate and tiles.

Mixing Ratio
By weight, 25kg (1 bag) of INSEE SANSTHA TILE MORTAR per 6-7 ltrs of clean water. The mixed tile adhesive must be used within 1 hour. Keep away from sunlight and hot conditions.

25 kg/bag


  1. Use the flat side of a square notch trowel to apply tile adhesive onto the prepared substrate. Try to apply no more than 1sq m each time. Then use the notched side of the trowel to comb the surface
  2. Remove dust and debris from tiles. Do not immerse tiles in water.
  3. Spread tile adhesive in a thin layer to the back of the tiles to reduce air pockets underneath, fix the deflection, and ensure appropriate bond between tile and substrate.
  4. Place tiles onto tile adhesive bed and align edges. Place a rubber hammer or trowel handle end to release air under the tiles to ensure appropriate bond and avoid air pockets.
  5. The mixed tile adhesive should be used within pot life. Do not add additional water or tile adhesive powder to adjust workability or extend pot life, as it would result in quality loss.
  6. months from manufacture date.

Allow 24 hours of curing time before tile grouting.

Storage & Shelf Life
Store in dry place. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.
An unopened package has a shelf life of

Technical Properties

Composition: Composed of Portland cement and fine graded sands, containing re- dispersible binder of copolymer-ethylene vinyl acetate and special additives.


  • Dry - 1.3-1.4 g/cm3
  • Wet - 1.5-1.7 g/cm3
Set Time: 24 hrs.
Grouting: 6 hrs after vertical installation (wall) and 24 hrs after horizontal installation (floor), recommended.
Shelf Life: 6 months from the date of production, stored under dry conditions.

Tensile adhesion strength:

  • Tensile adhesion strength after 28 days
  • Tensile adhesion strength after 20 min open time


  • 0.6 N/mm2
  • 0.6 N/mm2


  • Store in a dust-free, cool and dry place. Do not apply the product on hot surfaces or an area exposed to direct sun light.
  • This product is non-toxic and non-flammable. However, it has alkaline properties. Wear safety gloves and goggles when applying. In case of skin contact, rinse with clean water. In case of eye contact, wash out with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention.
  • Use in open and ventilated areas.
  • Follow instructions precisely for effective result.

Use Information

Slake time 0 Minute
Pot Life (In Shade) 20 Minutes
Adjust Time Within 10 Minutes
Tile Mortar Thickness 5-6MM
Curing Time Before Grouting 24 Hours

Remarks: Figures in the table may differ depending on ambient temperature and jobsite condition during application.